Alley Cat Cafe & Coffee House – The Alley Cat is located in the lobby of the West End Theater, at 541 Main Street, in downtown Quincy.  We serve Fair Trade Coffee, Tea and Espresso Drinks, lunch and pastries, wine and beer.  You can also visit us on the Alley Cat  page on Facebook.

Pangaea Cafe & Pub. A family restaurant featuring local, organic & sustainable cuisine. Serving the best selection of microwbrews and delicious meals from our small town world flavor menu.  Pangaea is located at 461 Main Street (530) 283-0426

Courthouse Cafe – is located at  525  Main Street  (530) 283-3344

Sweet Loraines – is located at 384 Main Street on the corner of Main and Harbison (530) 283-5300

Cafe Le Coq – 189 Main Street 530 283-0114

Traci’s Sweet Surprises – 503 Main Street  (530) 283-1766

Pizza Factory – 490 Main Street (530) 283-0811

Timatillos – Grover Alley (behind Main Street Artist Gallery at 436 Main Street)  (530) 283-         

Morning Thunder – 557 Lawrence Street (530) 283-3526

Drunk Brush Wine Bar – Grover Alley behind Main Street Artist Gallery at 436 Main Street 530 283-9380

Main Street Sports Bar & Lounge “We may be ugly but it’s what is on the inside that counts!”  Located at 395 Main Street 530 283-9788

Capitol Club – 525 Main Street (530) 283-2882


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