Welcome To Quincy

Welcome to Quincy, California! 

Our small mountain town is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on Highway 70, in Plumas County.  

 There are a few ways to get here.  The most scenic is Highway 70 through the Feather River Canyon.

From Reno take 395 toward Susanville and Take the Quincy Highway 70 Exit.  This is a good one to take for Leaf Peepers!

“Rugged canyons, crystal clear lakes, grassy meadows, trout-filled streams, fresh pine forests, brilliant star-filled skies – they all await you in the picturesque Feather River Canyon and Plumas County. Located in northeastern California, where the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges meet, Plumas County boasts more than 100 lakes, 1,000 miles of rivers and streams and more than one million acres of natural forest. The town of Quincy (pop. 5,000) offers many conveniences from a health food co-op to supermarkets, ATM, health club, restaurants and a movie house. Summer activities include scenic mountain and road bicycling, swimming in area lakes and rivers, and much more.”  says HighSierraMusic.com

Via Magazine says, “Take a winding highway up California’s Feather River Canyon to the eye-popping fall foliage of the pioneer Sierra town that reigns as “Leaf Central.”


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  1. Kim Corica says:

    Thank you to Louise Young for passing it on.

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