Downtown Shopping

Merchants Directory:


 Ayoob’s Clothing Store -515 Main St. (530) 283-0940

Emily’s Garden – 467 main Street 530 283-1033

My Sister’s Closet – 367 Main Street 530 283-1779

Little People Toy Store – 383 Main Street 530 283-0404

Quincy Thrift – 484 Main Street 530 283-1762

Sights & Sounds – 365 Main Street 530 283-1121

Stoneleaf –

Home Furnishings:

La Casa Bella Fine Furnishings – Add a little accent to your life!  

230 Main Street 530 283-1378

Gifts, Books and Office Supplies:

Emily’s Garden – 467 main Street 530 283-1033

Forest Stationers – 531 Main Street – 530 283-2266

Quincy Drug  – 493 Main Street (530) 283-0480

Epilog Books – 373 Main Street 530 283-2665


Carey Candy Co. – A sweet temptation of yummy chocolates and great gifts

347 Main Street  (530) 283-4735


Sights and Sounds

Stoneleaf –


Sierra Webwolf  a website development service.  Get found. Get paid. Stress free.


3 Responses to Downtown Shopping

  1. Native Touch Massage says:

    How do I get my Business listed on the website?

    • quincyca says:

      I can put your business on the site no problem! Let me know the
      following: address, phone number, and a little one liner to describe your

      Also, you can write a short story about your buisness, take a look at the
      one Emily did for Emily’s Garden to get an idea. Then you can email me it
      and I can post it…

      Another thing to consider… I dont know if you are on facebook, but if
      you are the Quincy Merchants Group has a page where we are sharing info.,
      ideas and discussions. Lot’s of really great things are happening. We
      have done one training for Facebook for Buisness and we will be doing more
      in the future. Another project we are working on right now is getting big
      hanging flower baskets up on the light poles downtown. We have several
      donated so far we are about half way there… there will be an article on
      it in the paper tomorrow and you can look at an article we have on the site, just look under Quincy in Bloom.,
      there is a community clean up day sched. for May 6th, and we are inviting
      any merchants who would like to come and plant flowers outside there
      stores and clean up and pull weeds. If you would like to know more about
      he facebook group let me know…. if you aren’t on facebook but would like
      to be I can help you with that too, it’s a really good tool for business.

      Thank you for your interest in the website. Julie

  2. Arleen Scott says:

    Papa’s Donut House
    1690 E. Main Street
    Quincy, CA 95971

    “Come to Papa’s, best donuts in town!”

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