Winter Mountain Fun Without Snow!

I know I’m not the only one checking the weather report several times a week these days.  We are all disappointed, to say the least, about the lack of white stuff falling from the sky.  Although we are all worried about what this means for this summer and what it means in winter revenue, one of my customers spoke words of wisdom the other day; “you can’t do anything about it”.   Plain and simple, we can’t.  What we can do is accept the fact that right now, and the forseeable future we have no snow.

What we do have is brisk, sunny days with clear trails to hike or bike or run on.  The way is clear for horseback riding for miles and miles.  With all the pet friendly places to stay in the Quincy area, it’s the perfect weekend get away with the family dog.

We have frozen ponds and lakes that you can ice skate on or ice fish on.  I even heard some brave souls (and much younger than I am!) are ice climbing Fraser Falls which is frozen solid for the first time in fifteen years.

If being out and about isn’t what you’re after, staying in next to a cozy fire in Lakeshore Lodge at Bucks Lake, or sitting at the window seat at the Alley Cat Cafe or Pangea while enjoying a hot drink or lunch might do you some good.

One thing I’m sure of; winter will come eventually and worrying and fretting about it will not make it come any sooner. Until it gets here let’s enjoy what we have!

The Pacific Crest Trail in Plumas County


About quincyca

I am the proud owner of the Alley Cat Cafe & Coffee House in Quincy, California. I'm a member of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce and the Quincy Merchant Group. I started this blog to let people know about our wonderful community and to inspire them to visit.
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3 Responses to Winter Mountain Fun Without Snow!

  1. Kyle says:

    Hi. I’m a lover of weather and want to know how much snow Quincy CA got last year and how much it takes to shut the town down?

  2. Kyle says:

    Also if Quincy does get a decent snowstorm 4-6 inches or more will you post pictures of various neighborhoods?

  3. Kyle says:

    I forgot to mention I used to live in Quincy a few years with my parents in the 90s so I am glad you put up this blog.

    You’ll like living there but hospital service is another story as they have a corrupt system (at least when we lived there) as Dad worked there in which they were over working people to the point every few years workers would leave feeling burned out to make a long story short as I am very tired right now.

    Good night.

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