Awsome Autumn in Quincy, Ca.

Jackson Street, Quincy, CA.

Quincy in Autumn …

Written by Emily Webb of Emily’s Garden, Main Street in Quincy, CA.

 One of things I like most about being in Quincy, is the dramatic change of the seasons…with Autumn being one of my favorites. It starts out slowly around the beginning of October.  The days are warm, but the evenings are cool and soon the first smells of smoke start rising from nearby chimneys. As most people in the area heat their homes with wood, Autumn finds many of us chopping and stacking our firewood to stay warm for the cold winter months ahead. With wild apple trees and blackberries abounding, canning things like apple butter and blackberry jam is a fall hobby for many of the folks here too.

Just the beginning of color

Starting about the 2nd week in October, the leaves start to put on their beautiful Fall display. Deep rust and burgundy are the first to show their colors along the creek banks and then slowly gold and crimson are flourishing up the mountainsides from the big leaf maples and dogwoods. By the end of October the oaks are the colors of pumpkins, making the whole experience a treat for the eyes to see. I always make sure to take a trip up the the higher elevations to see the golden leaves of the aspen trees fluttering light gold coins in the wind.

"Cool Cat" at Alley Cat Cafe

Main St. is always a pleasure to stroll, as the downtown merchants have a bit of Autumn to share: from spicy lattes, pumpkin pies and carmel apples, to nature crafts, fall arrangements and beautiful artwork. This year the merchants have added scarecrows to their store fronts making it a fun walk for the young and young at heart.  If you happen to be in town on Halloween, bring your costume and join us for ‘Safe Trick-Or-Treating’ on Main Street.

"Awsome Autumn" at Emily's Garden

So whether it ʼs driving in a car, riding a bike or walking with camera in hand, Quincy is the place to bring you family this Autumn.


About quincyca

I am the proud owner of the Alley Cat Cafe & Coffee House in Quincy, California. I'm a member of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce and the Quincy Merchant Group. I started this blog to let people know about our wonderful community and to inspire them to visit.
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One Response to Awsome Autumn in Quincy, Ca.

  1. Looking forward to a trip to your part of the woods next Saturday. What fun. I love fall.

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