Coming Home

My parents drug me to Quincy, kicking and screaming, when I was 16 and had lived in the Bay Area my whole life.  They bought a resort at Bucks Lake, which is a beautiful area, but I couldn’t wait to graduate and get back to the city.  I went back to the Bay Area and after eight years decided enough!!  I moved back  to Bucks Lake and helped my parents manage their resort. 

It was the best move I ever made.  I met my husband, we bought our own business and are raising our two children in Quincy.  We love the area and all the activities it has to offer.  I like going into the bank, grocery store, coffee shop, anywhere really, and being met with smiles from friends and neighbors.  Sure, we don’t have some of the options for our kids that the “big schools” do, but we make up for it in so many other ways.  Our kids grow up in the fresh air, safe, secure, supported by a community that cares, and have access to Feather River College; a great community college. 

I know a lot of people who visit our area and enjoy it tremendously and those of us who actually get to live here are truly blessed.  The days spent with my friends hiking, biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or meeting for a cup of tea at a local restaurant are the best.  My time with my family is quality time; water skiing, roasting a marshmallow, watching outdoor movies, taking the dogs to the river for a swim, we really connect.

So if you are forced to live in the city, visit Plumas County for a truly memorable vacation, I bet you will re-book!!  We have families visiting our resort that have been coming for over 45 years!  If you are looking for a place to move your family out of the hustle and bustle, consider our beautiful community.

Kim Henderson and her husband own Bucks Lakeshore Vacation Resort.


About quincyca

I am the proud owner of the Alley Cat Cafe & Coffee House in Quincy, California. I'm a member of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce and the Quincy Merchant Group. I started this blog to let people know about our wonderful community and to inspire them to visit.
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5 Responses to Coming Home

  1. I think what I get the most out of what you are saying, is that these are the “real” kinds of values that I try so hard to teach my son. Sure there is “big money” in the big cities, but there is also traffic, crime, children glued to their electronic devices, etc. There is just something about the way we live here that makes me feel like I am raising my child in the best possible way. I want him to see what the good things in life are, (things that aren’t centered around money.) My son is now 17, has lived here his whole life, is about to go to college and all he wants is to learn a trade that will enable him to come back here and live this very life as an adult, as a future parent.

  2. Dawn says:

    I grew up in Connecticut, have lived in the Midwest for over 25 years and in a small town for 20 years. In a small town you learn the importance of relationships. That is if you embrace the small town environment. It’s easy if you have kids, mine are slowly leaving the nest, as life here revolves around school events. Too much in life we disconnect from people.

    • quincyca says:

      Thanks for your comment Dawn. Yes small town life is not for everyone and my kids are leaving the nest also, kind of a double edged sword. The think on eof the things I love most about the small town life is it makes you accountable. You are mindful of your behavior because no one is annonymous, the person you yell at in the morning might be your kids baseball coach in the afternoon…. it makes us all think before we react. We smile at each other and look each other in the eye, grocery shopping becomes a social event. I wouldn’t trade it.

      • ndjmom says:

        Very true, it’s the same with the kids in school. In a small school kids learn conflict resolution and how to forgive and forget infractions. They know they can’t just move to “another group” of friends and avoid them because there is only 30 kids in the class and they might be paired with the person they had a disagreement with the week before.

        Oh my yes, even getting gas at the local Cenex is a social event. The coffee clubbers watch everyone who comes in.

  3. Diane Davis says:

    I grew up in the bay area, but when I was 20 years old, in 1976, I got married and my husband and I moved to Quincy, he was going to Feather River Collage. We ended up staying had 1 son. My husband and I got divorced in 1990. But still stayed in Quincy. Our son lived all his life here. Last year I had to move back to the bay area to stay with my 92 year old mother. I am so unhappy here, i miss Quincy, my son, and my friends. Quincy is a wonderful place to live. In fact even though I grew up in the bay area, I lived in Quincy alot longer and that’s were I call home.

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